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Child proof dvd player - is there such a thing?

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MinnieMummy Tue 06-Jan-09 18:53:17

DS loves the dvd player, he especially loves opening and closing over and over again and basically he's made it stop working (he put a dvd in mid-close and it got stuck and now skips on every dvd). Is there one with some kind of child proof lock? Have tried to look on Amazon but nothing comes up.

We don't have a cabinet just one of those open stands.


gemmummy Tue 06-Jan-09 19:48:22

i don't think you can get child friendly one but you can buy covers for the front of them to stop the kids getting at them. i saw one in mothercare the other day.

MinnieMummy Wed 07-Jan-09 21:49:03

Great, thanks!

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