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Bejeweled for MAC? I really want it and cant download it! AAARGH

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PavlovtheCat Mon 05-Jan-09 22:52:39

I found one, and it downloads a huge page that I can only see half of. I just want to play some mind numbing perjing, perjing, for an hour before bed sad.

Any links? Or for any other good but basic games?

Klaw Mon 05-Jan-09 22:55:39

I just wish i could afford to upgrade my iMac and therefore OS so that I can get up to date internet browsers, Flash, Java etc..... sad Still working on 9.2.2 sadsadblush

Klaw Mon 05-Jan-09 22:56:15

sorry, meant to say Good Luck! smile

WilfSell Mon 05-Jan-09 22:57:36

Really: DON'T. You will do nothing else for a month. It will be worse than MN. You won't be only an hour, you will stay up all night just so you can whizz between made-up planets. And you will dream strange clunking clinking noises for the rest of your life.


No help though, sorry: am a PC girl.

PavlovtheCat Mon 05-Jan-09 23:11:16

Wilf - you are very correct, and I do have to work tomorrow. You have saved me from myself grin

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