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I simply want a monitor that can be used as a tv as well (or vice versa) what do I need to know?

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Flier Sat 03-Jan-09 09:14:52

I have been trying to research this on line but there doesn't seem to be much info on the subject. Surely it is a good idea to have a tv set that will also be used as a monitor for a pc? Or am I missing something?

Are any mumsnetters knowledgable inthis field? What screen resolution, for instance, do I need and what else should I watch out for? This is just a part time tv in our dining room, which is where I also have the PC.

ipodtherforipoor Sat 03-Jan-09 09:44:32

I've got a media centre PC -from tescos. I have digi sender that sends my sky box signal to it and I can change channels in my bedroom - can also recoerd programms which is handy.

Was about £400. plus cost of digi sender.

hannahsaunt Sat 03-Jan-09 09:52:27

We have one and it's fantastic. It's a toshiba, 20" screen. Dh did all the research - will find out more and get back to you.

Flier Sat 03-Jan-09 16:31:51

thanks ipod - do you know the model number at all?

hannahsaunt - sounds good, would be grateful if you could get back to me.

flier Sat 06-Jun-09 10:10:18

I'm bumping this cos I still haven't bought one bought hope to very soon and am still not very clued up blush

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