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My cat walked on my laptop..he adjusted the BRIGHTNESS , how do I change it back?

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princessmel Mon 29-Dec-08 12:22:16


princessmel Mon 29-Dec-08 12:25:40

It looks really milky and is hard to read

maddoguk Mon 29-Dec-08 21:38:40

Assuning its a laptop with shortcuts you should have some keys which say fn press those and adjust the keys that look like suns with a + and a minus.

try those.

princessmel Tue 30-Dec-08 08:53:28

Where would I find the shortcuts!? I know nothing!!

DoubleBluff Tue 30-Dec-08 08:56:13

LOL at cat being better on the lastop than you! grin

JulesJules Tue 30-Dec-08 09:02:04

Click start, try the control panel, and look under settings?

Don't you just love cats

princessmel Tue 30-Dec-08 09:05:11

I know doublebluff grin
I did the control panel thing and clicked on

'optimize visual display'
and 'adjust screen resolution'
But then wasn't sure what to press next. I didn't want to do anything to muck up the whole screen!

MarxAndSparks Tue 30-Dec-08 09:08:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

princessmel Tue 30-Dec-08 09:46:37


That was so easy! Thanks

fn was blue and bottom left and the sun keys were f6 and f7 along the top.

thanks again

MarxAndSparks Tue 30-Dec-08 15:59:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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