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Recommend me a cheap(ish) digital camera please................

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goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Wed 24-Dec-08 20:52:26

preferabbly one available at Argos (the only shop that sells elecrical stuff such as that that we have in town).

Going to have to go and buy a new one on Saturday and want to have some idea of what I'm getting before I go.

DoNotsAntlers Wed 24-Dec-08 20:59:57

Don't worry about megapixels....that is not what makes a camera good (in fact too many will eat memory space)

Go for one with a good lens...look for Olympus, Panasonic with a leicah lens or a sony with a Carl Zeiss lens or a Fuji....

The most critical thing IMO is shutter lag.

I like this site for reviewing an comparing camera's

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Wed 24-Dec-08 21:02:23

I have 1GB SD Card (from my old one that decided that Christmas Eve would be a good time to die) - will that fit into most

<<<<<<<<<<complete technophone when it comes to buying technical stuff>>>>>>>>

I know that megapixels aren't too important (and that's about the extent of my knowledge)as my Nokia phone took fab photos and wasn't a huge one.

Will have a look at that website thanks

DoNotsAntlers Wed 24-Dec-08 21:05:38

SD is the most popular...and if you want to stick to that you will need to avoid Sony (usually memory stick), Olympus and Fuji (usually xD). I think that most others are SD though. Of course check before you buy.

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Wed 24-Dec-08 21:09:32

yes I'd like to stick to that as I already have the memory card. Can't really afford to be going out buying a new camera, but as mine is dead, and it's the only way i have of capturing memories of stuff the DS's do to share with anyone but myself really want a replacement.

I had (have) a Samsung S600 at the moment (which I don't think was very expensive when it was bought - only 2 1/2yrs ago too hmm). So need something that will last me (I'm rather a snapaholic blush.

Thanks for help.

DoNotsAntlers Wed 24-Dec-08 21:11:25

You should be able to geta pretty good bargain in the sales....I know Tesco have had some camera's with 30% off before Christmas....

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh Wed 24-Dec-08 21:12:36

I'm hoping so (for the sales) I can only get to Argos though so it will depend largely on what they have.

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