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Can anyone help me with an AdAware problem?

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KnickKnackNaNollaig Sun 21-Dec-08 10:46:57

For the last couple of days, whenever I switch on my PC (I'm using XP), an error message comes up "aawservice.exe" and AdAware does not run. I've tried manually running adaware and the same error comes up.
Does anyone know if this is normal? a problem AdAware are having at the momeny? or a problem with my PC?
I know I will probably have to un/re-install...but thought I'd see if anyone had any other ideas before I go to the bother of doing that (I am so lazy busy today).

onager Sun 21-Dec-08 13:06:12

I think you had better do the reinstall. Some malware purposely disables anti-virus/spyware software and if it is that you may have another problem too. On the other hand it is most likely just a glitch that reinstalling will fix.

KnickKnackNaNollaig Sun 21-Dec-08 13:29:59

sigh I guess you're right. I'll reinstall later.
I dont think its malware as AVG hasnt picked up any problems.

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