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Please someone help me get my game working!

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MrsSnape Sat 01-Nov-08 23:06:44

I've been playing SimCity Societies fine for the past couple of days but today DS2 turned off the PC as it was loading up and the whole thing went haywire hmm I ended up having to uninstall and install again ... but now it won't work! I have no idea why, everything on the PC exceeds its needs and it was working fine before....It's frustrating me so much. The disc is fine too.

twentynine Sat 01-Nov-08 23:11:09

Are you on Windows - do a windows rollback (ummm called Windows restore - to go back to yesterday) that should fix it.

MrsSnape Sat 01-Nov-08 23:23:39

how do I do that?

Jux Sat 01-Nov-08 23:32:13

Click start, all programs, accessories, system tools and the last choice on that menu is system restore. Go there and you have the choice to make a restore point or to go back to an earlier one. (It's a good idea to make a restore point before you install any new programs.)

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