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has anyone any experience of 123 reg??creating website and completely stuck!!

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nellieloula Thu 30-Oct-08 19:14:36

Please help me! I have just bought a domain name and paid for hosting at 123-reg, who were recommended on here. Great. Except now I have absolutely no idea how to go about creating the web pages and ensuring email addresses are correct or even how to access emails set to those addresses....... keeps telling me my login is incorrect, or to download an FTP (which I have - again, what do I do now??) I feel totally over my head, but have just spent £100 so really need to crack on! If anyone has any clue, please do let me know. thanks smile

ReallyspookyBCNSgrrrrr Thu 30-Oct-08 21:44:32

have you actually created the pages??

MrVibrating Fri 31-Oct-08 01:04:49

Wow, £100 should get you a big internet presence!

They should have sent you a welcome email with information about what to do. You manage your internet services through a control panel which you get to via a web address in your browser. You need to know what that address is, and your username and password. It should all be in the welcome email.

They seem to have some help files on their site that are only accessible once you have logged in, so I can't help you there, but I am sure if you log in with the details you have been given and look around there will be guides for how to set things up.

GinghamRibbon Fri 31-Oct-08 01:13:19

I thought that 123 only provided the registration and Fasthosts are their backup for actual websites. I think that you probably need to follow a link to Fasthosts, who are fab from 123

MrVibrating Fri 31-Oct-08 01:37:55

No, ukReg is the domain registration brand for Fasthosts - they are nothing to do with 123-reg, in fact they are major competitors.

What is "fab from 123"? Have you been drinking? I have grin.

GinghamRibbon Fri 31-Oct-08 02:42:11

OK, sorry I was wrong, but Fasthosts were good for me. I thought it was 123. So no help really. But Fasthosts are actually Fab, they have a 24hr service etc and have never let me down.

nellieloula Fri 31-Oct-08 07:25:18

thanks for all the help - they did send the welcome email but it isn't very clear what to do once I've logged in - will keep trying though. thanks

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