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Are you a Mac genius?

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Tobermory Thu 30-Oct-08 16:46:12

I have created a document using pages which i need to print out in colour. I don't have a colour printer so was going to use a print shop of some kind, however can't find anyone who recognises 'pages' as a doc.

Should i be able to change the format?
Can i make it into a PDF or similar?


RubberDuck Thu 30-Oct-08 16:56:29

Print as a pdf is probably the easiest way to do it.

Go as if to print (File > Print) then use the PDF drop down on the bottom left of the window to Save as PDF...

RubberDuck Thu 30-Oct-08 16:58:25

The other option is to use File > Export then you can save as a Word or RTF document which should be fairly easy for someone else to view. However, if it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that it prints out EXACTLY how you see it in Pages, I'd recommend you used Print As PDF instead.

Tobermory Thu 30-Oct-08 18:05:48

Rubberduck, many thanks.
At about the same time as you wrote this i found exactly this in the help time i shall look there first. grin

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