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How to draw on Microsoft word documents? Want to create a "decoration" for my paperwork

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Ripeberry Thu 30-Oct-08 10:18:43

Hi, i've got a computer problem.
My DH uses two computers, one is linked to the internet and has no printer (damaged port) and the other can do word docs but is NOT linked to internet but has a printer.
I'm trying to do my childminding policies and just want to have a little drawing in the top right hand corner just to make things look nice.
How can i do it, if i can't even get any images off the internet?
Does anyone know a quick and clever way of doing it?

VinegArghhhWasStabbedInTheTits Thu 30-Oct-08 10:26:53

On the toolbar - Insert - Picture - new drawing, will allow you to draw but its quite limited, as in it doesnt seem to let you draw free hand, just add straight lines and shapes, if you want to draw something free hand just draw it in paint, and copy and paste it into word.

Ripeberry Thu 30-Oct-08 10:29:42

Thanks for the tip, just got to see if we have a paintshop programme. Suppose it can't be done with the photoshop programmes?

RustyBear Thu 30-Oct-08 10:58:07

Get yourself a usb drive, download pictures from the internet connected pc, save them on Usb & transfer to the one with the printer.
Or you can do a quite a lot by using & formatting autoshapes in Word

Ripeberry Thu 30-Oct-08 11:41:40

Been busy making myself some stationary.
Got two posters and 15 sheets that can be printed on.
Decided to try the photoshop in the end and did a freehand "childish" drawing of a strawberry and added some jazzy text on a colourfull background.
Seems to work quite well.
Might get myself a USB drive in the future but for now this stationary will do for setting up the childminding business.

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