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What's that website that tells you that hoax emails are hoaxes?

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Ellbell Sun 26-Oct-08 22:26:27

I've seen it mentioned on here loads of times, but now can't find the link.

I've just had one purporting to be from the Inland Revenue telling me I'm due a tax rebate. I've deleted it (no 'to' address, not addressed to me personally by name - these two are enough to convince me it's not 'real') but can't find evidence of it as a hoax by googling and am curious.


Tinker Sun 26-Oct-08 22:27:05


Tinker Sun 26-Oct-08 22:27:43

That definitley won't be real (but you know that)

CapnJadetheKnife Sun 26-Oct-08 22:32:11

if the inland revenue wanted to contact you re tax rebate they would send you a cheque through the post.

Even if it is for 3p.

And I got excited an all.

3 miserable pence.

Not worth the paper it was printed on.,

Ellbell Sun 26-Oct-08 23:08:09

LOL @ 3p... Oh dear!

Thanks Tinker. Found the same email in an American version on Snopes and have saved Snopes to Favourites for future reference.

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