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I want to set up a website forum (definitely not competing with MN!) - how??

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chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 26-Oct-08 15:05:19

Ok I've had an idea for a website forum and want to set it up. I've already set up my own site for my other work with Moonfruit and that's worked fine but I suspect there are better platforms for a discussion site.

Any tips? Which software would be good?

I absolutely promise it's nothing that competes with MN (what could!!?) - more to do with employment issues.

SqueakyPop Sun 26-Oct-08 15:06:31

Have a look at Snitz forums

You don't have to have any software yourself or any programming skills.

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 26-Oct-08 19:09:17

Well that sounds good because I don't have any believe me!

I guess I need the ability to put on general content too.

Will take a look- thanks SqueakyPop.

MrVibrating Sun 26-Oct-08 20:09:33

Would a Yahoo Group be too unprofessional for what you want?

I would not recommend hosting your own forum unless you both know what you are doing and have time each day to dedicate to it.

SqueakyPop Sun 26-Oct-08 20:15:44

A Snitz forum is really easy to maintain. Depending on the traffic, you just backup the database every week or so (from a menu).

lucykate Sun 26-Oct-08 20:15:50

i know someone who used this]] site to set up a forum.

lucykate Sun 26-Oct-08 20:16:22

oops, link not right


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