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floppy disc drive, why won't it open the disc

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ewwwmy2shoesarefullofblood Fri 24-Oct-08 22:24:52

ok I know, this is like prehistoric.
but I need to open a floppy disc for my dad.
when I put a floppy in it won't open. it comes up that the drive isn't accessible and something to do with no identity code on the floppy.........any ideas
I haven't used a floppy in years

onager Fri 24-Oct-08 23:09:35

Have you another floppy disk you can try in case that one is faulty?

Does the floppy click in properly all the way?

I have no idea what "no identity code" is. Can you write down the exact words so they can be googled.

ewwwmy2shoesarefullofblood Fri 24-Oct-08 23:57:43

drive not accesible
no I.D address mark was found on floppy disc
I have tried about 4 different ones.

onager Sat 25-Oct-08 02:09:41

I found lots of similar problems on the net, but no one seems to know why it happens - not even microsoft. These are a few suggestions.

Ensure the floppy is set up correctly in the BIOS (if it ever worked before that can't be it)

Make sure the cables are connected properly (again if it worked right before that probably won't be it)

Replace the floppy drive

Uninstall it by going to device manager (devmgmt.msc), right clicking the floppy and selecting uninstall. Rebooting the PC brings it back automatically and it might 'fix' it.

If the floppy is set to be shared (so other computers on the same network can see it) then unshare it.

ewwwmy2shoesarefullofblood Sat 25-Oct-08 17:09:00

thanks for that, I gave up in the end and popped it round to a neighbour.
I never use floppys myself

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