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Wii virgin - needs help and advice!!!

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MaggieW Thu 23-Oct-08 13:25:30

We're getting a Wii but I haven't got a clue what we need to buy and what's not necessary. Looking at the Argos catalogue they have a Console with sports as the basic deal for £180, then they have extra packages of Wii Skins - what are they??? They also have another package with a mega accessory pack and docking station(?). Help please - it's a whole new world.

melpomene Thu 23-Oct-08 13:28:44

How old are your children? We recently bought the 'Family Trainer' game which our dds (5 and 3) really love. It's very physical, lots of running on the spot, jumping etc, with 16 different activities/games. It's a good laugh and gets the whole family involved, so I'd recommend that.

Don't know what Skin or a docking station are - sorry!

bamzooki Thu 23-Oct-08 13:36:38

Skins I think are the silicon covers you can get to put over the handheld remotes (Wii-motes)
Docking station is probably the charger to sit the wii-motes in when not in use to keep batteries charged up.

I have neither, and get on quite fine. If I were you i would get a basic package and maybe another game, and when you ave used it for a while see if you actually want any of the extra gadgets.

I do have a Wii-fit board now - which is Really Fun....

twentynine Thu 23-Oct-08 13:37:23

We have WII fit and family ski, plus WII Sports. Don't buy branded WII accessories, you can get them about 70% cheaper online from generic manufacturers and they are just the same CPC farnell do them for example (google them).

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