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Colleague keeps sending blank emails ....

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RubySlippers Mon 20-Oct-08 12:48:54

i have just sent her an email, and her computer seems to have generated a response (a blank email)

she has not hit reply or anything like that

she is using Outlook 2003


TheArmadillo Mon 20-Oct-08 12:54:10

has she set up auto respond by accident - you know where it sends one back saying 'x is not in the office contact y if it is urgent' but not having filled in the message part.

I asuume fixing it would just mean unclicking the auto response feature, but I don't know how as I haven't worked out how to do it yet.

RubySlippers Mon 20-Oct-08 12:56:41

ooh - thanks

will have a look at the settings

onager Mon 20-Oct-08 12:59:10

I don't use outlook, but I understand it has a means to autoreply to emails. Perhaps if that was turned on but no message specified it might have that effect.

It's also possible that it's not from her computer as such. I can logon to my email provider and specify autoreply on there.

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