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I want to upload some pics to a site like photobucket but it can't see my pics. Is it because I don't use a windows machine?

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ScaryHalloweenSquonkRAAR Sat 18-Oct-08 22:17:53

Or is there something really obvious that I'm missing?

I have registered, everything looks hunky dory, I've tried to upload my pics and it can see my files, it can see the folder that my photos are in, but when I try to open the folder, it appears empty.

The folder is not empty, there are some pics on my profile that I put on today that are the ones I am trying to upload to photobucket. Have tried picturetrail as well and the same thing happens.

Any ideas?

This is a unix computer, btw.

PortAndDemon Sat 18-Oct-08 22:37:44

You can upload to photobucket by email, if that helps at all (although it doesn't answer your original question).

ScaryHalloweenSquonkRAAR Sat 18-Oct-08 22:38:45

I don't care if I can't do it "properly", I just want to show my family my new chickens grin

thank you, I'll give that a go grin

RustyBear Sat 18-Oct-08 22:41:53

What format are the pictures in?- I found out today that Picasa webalbum can't upload .bmp pictures - I had to change it to a .jpg

ScaryHalloweenSquonkRAAR Sat 18-Oct-08 22:44:18

surprisingly, rusty, what you just typed made sense to a computer numpty like me grin

I did think of that and changed them to jpegs but it still couldn't see them.

I did wonder if they are too big, when I upload them to mumsnet it always tells me that my image has been resized before it lets me add it to my profile.

Anyway, do you like my chickens? grin

RustyBear Sat 18-Oct-08 23:04:55

I particularly like Enid and Margaret - do they have feathery feet?
We used to have bantams with feathery feet; they always looked as if they were about to trip up....

ScaryHalloweenSquonkRAAR Sat 18-Oct-08 23:25:50

yes, they do have feathery feet!

They're gorgeous aren't they!

I now have pics of my chooks on photobucket grin

And now I know how to do it, I'll put some better ones up...

ScaryHalloweenSquonkRAAR Sun 19-Oct-08 13:11:34

come and admire my chooks grin

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