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Internet Explorer 8 beta...???

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MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Oct-08 16:20:25

Ok so i clicked and downloaded teh wrong IE when i was updating this ancient laptop(i normally use firefox but it sometimes strops so i like to have IE as back up)

What is a beta version? and why do i need this?(i intended to d/l IE7 btw)

JodieO Fri 17-Oct-08 16:21:59

Beta is a testing one, so it's still being tested.

SharpMolarBear Fri 17-Oct-08 16:22:37

Beta version is largely unreleased, sort of for public testing
You don't need it particularly
(How is it different?)

MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Oct-08 16:24:08

well so far the only difference is that when i click on add message it doesn't take me to the box and it will auto suggest websiteshmm

it will do for a back up! Its supposed to be faster too and more secure but i don't know how

MrVibrating Fri 17-Oct-08 20:53:54

Doesn't make sense to have beta software 'as a back up', particularly on an old PC. Beta software doesn't work properly, when it does work properly (or before) it will be released.

Uninstall it and get IE7.

MerlinsBeard Fri 17-Oct-08 20:58:04

i clicked by mistake as i was distracted by DCs (and didn't read properly), i didn't know what beta meant in internet explorer terms so carried on with the installation.

will d/l 7 i think

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