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where cn i find the on creen keybord

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Jampot Sun 21-Sep-08 19:35:27

dh nd d pilt ome coffee on the keybord nd now vriou key wont work. notbly the firt letter of lphbet nd the one between r nd t

cn nyone point me in the right direction for the keybord tht pop up on to the creen/


andyrobo237 Sun 21-Sep-08 22:18:58

Copied from Microsoft web page - looks cool!!

Point to All Programs.
Point to Accessories.
Point to Accessibility.
Select On–Screen Keyboard.

Note: A message box with a link to more information about the On–Screen Keyboard may appear. To close the box, select OK.

Display the Start menu by pressing CTRL+ESC (or the Windows logo key ).

Move to All Programs by pressing P.
If it does not open automatically, press ENTER to open the All Programs menu.

Move to Accessories by pressing the DOWN ARROW key.

Press ENTER.

Select Accessibility by pressing ENTER.

Move to On–Screen Keyboard by pressing the DOWN ARROW key.

Press ENTER.

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