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i know i,m thick but !!!!

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debzmb62 Sat 20-Sep-08 11:04:12

just a geeky question i,m new to all this mn etc first i get the jist of what its all about and all the acronym list but what does things like troll mean and stuff and what mn all about !!

Pawslikepaddington Sat 20-Sep-08 11:05:24

And what, exactly does PFB stand for? grin

flowerybeanbag Sat 20-Sep-08 11:06:35

If you look above there is a section called 'useful stuff' which includes FAQs and acronyms.


debzmb62 Sat 20-Sep-08 12:23:08

hi flowerbeanbag i have done but its not got some bits like troll etc ? like said i,m don,t know what some not listed are !
pawlike paddington PFB precious first borne ! {grin]

PuppyMonkey Sat 20-Sep-08 12:27:27

troll is usually someone who writes fake posts to start a big argument etc.

watch out for AF... took me months to work it out. Aunty Flow, ie period. hmm

debzmb62 Sat 20-Sep-08 12:33:26

grin thanks puppymonkey do you know i wondered why when i read a post that was sort of sad and someone wrote something rude and said they were a f**kin toll and did,nt understand cheers smile

littlelapin Sat 20-Sep-08 12:34:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

debzmb62 Sat 20-Sep-08 12:45:51

great littlepin sure i,ll learn more along the way grin

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