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DD's new laptop connected to our wifi but it wont recognise the ip address?? Any advice for a novice?!

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4andnotout Tue 16-Sep-08 22:56:07

DD1 recieved her elonex web book today (very envy) and while it says it is connected to our bt homehub it says the ip address is unrecognised? Help anyone?

EvelynsDad Wed 17-Sep-08 11:28:13

That's a very strange error are you sure you've got it right? I would guess that the laptop coudn't get an IP address off the router for some reason.

Where does the error appear?

4andnotout Wed 17-Sep-08 16:01:46

Hi thanks for replying, i have entered the wireless key and it says that its connected but IP address invalid. The signal strength is 96% and it is working fine through my laptop. Im so confused!

Cosette Wed 17-Sep-08 19:44:25

Do you restrict MAC addresses on the router - if so you will need to add the MAC address of her laptop ethernet port into the allowed addresses.

EvelynsDad Thu 18-Sep-08 08:52:16

That's rather strange.

I'm still unsure what exactly is saying the IP address is invalid. Is it one of the applications?

Does anything work? Can you web surf or send email?

Normally the router (home hub) supplies an IP address to the PC and it's hard to see how it could be invalid. If that failed I would expect an error message saying that it couldn't get an address, not that it had an address but it was invalid.

Try googling for "IP address invalid bt home hub" and see if anything rings a bell. This page has some troubleshooting tips.

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