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Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my radio mouse?

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anorak Tue 16-Sep-08 16:30:04

It keeps stopping working. But it's not the mouse itself, it's the little receiver thing that plugs into the side of my laptop. I have to pull it out and push it in again and then it works again, mostly.

Do I need a new bit for it? Can you buy the plug-in bits separately without buying a whole new mouse?

onager Tue 16-Sep-08 21:29:50

Devices plugged into the USB suffer from the computer 'forgetting' about them sometimes. Especially if the computer goes into standby.

Sometimes if you find the item in device manager and double click it. It will have a power management tab. If it has it may be ticked to say 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'

You could experiment with that, but of course on a laptop you probably want it to save power.

anorak Wed 17-Sep-08 16:16:18

Thank you onager, I have had a look and it says the mouse is working correctly. It isn't listed in the power saving settings.

It used to be fine, it's only the last few days it's started doing this. It seems to be a physical thing - it usually happens if I move the computer.

RustyBear Wed 17-Sep-08 16:21:00

Have you got another USB port you can put it in? They are a bit random sometimes. Have you tried replacing the battery?

anorak Wed 17-Sep-08 18:09:54

Doh! I didn't think to try it in another port. Will do that.

No the battery is fine, it's the little receiver thing that's playing up, not the mouse itself.

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