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Does anyone have a Canon 5D

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quickdrawmcgraw Wed 10-Sep-08 10:55:37

and is it really better than a 400D? I want to upgrade my camera because I am finding the 400D grainy. Is the 5D going to be much sharper?

spiceofthesouth Thu 11-Sep-08 00:11:56

you say grainy but is that really the problem rather than resolution, blurring or something else? grain (the digital version) is generally a result of using an iso setting that is too high. its true that 5d will capture more light than the 400d and thus allow the use of a lower iso, but then so would a faster lens or flash or more natural light. do you have any images anywhere online that show the problem?

quickdrawmcgraw Thu 11-Sep-08 09:55:05

yes, it's a problem in low light. There are times that i need to use a high iso and would prefer not to use a flash and then I'm disappointed with the quality of the picture. Like this:
I took this photo with 1600 iso as it was evening time and the light wasn't great. I took it with a prime lens.
this is how it looks close up
I'd prefer it to be sharper and was wondering if the 5D would be a big improvement. Well big enough to justify the large expense.

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