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Why when I click on a Google entry or link

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LIZS Tue 09-Sep-08 22:01:39

does IE "jump" to a completely different site to that web address ? Have got pop ups blocked on IE but have had anti-virus programmes opening new windows out of the blue - connected or coincidence?

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 09-Sep-08 22:09:36

Erm not a clue.

You need one of the technical types like St G or LL.


onager Tue 09-Sep-08 22:15:53

I'd consider downloading and running Spybot to check for spyware, adware, trojans etc.

When you say "anti-virus programmes" you'd normally only have one on a PC. If you have more than one they clash. If you mean one of those websites where a popup says "You might be infected. Click here to scan your computer" kind of thing they are themselves dangerous

All those things that say "click here to speed up your PC" etc are all tricks to get onto your computer.

Toolbars are not very safe either and if you said yes to every offer of a free toolbar you'd be in a mess.

onager Tue 09-Sep-08 22:16:52

It's ok to have spybot in addition to a proper anti virus program because what it looks for is a bit different.

SaintGeorge Tue 09-Sep-08 22:27:03


'technical type'



No seriously, IE, haven't got a clue. Not used it for ages and detested it when I did use it. Sorry.


littlelapin Tue 09-Sep-08 22:28:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BoysAreLikeDogs Tue 09-Sep-08 22:28:47

St G you helped me last week - therefore are a technical type in my book

<<flutters eyelashes>>


LIZS Wed 10-Sep-08 09:30:49

As an example ,I put "elc" into Google , clicked on site entry but it took me to ebay elc listings instead. "Jump" appeared in the tab as it loaded the ebay page.

LIZS Wed 10-Sep-08 10:49:13

and just diverted me to here for no apparent reason !

LIZS Wed 10-Sep-08 12:51:11

and here !

LapinOnTheEventHorizon Wed 10-Sep-08 12:56:34

Pretty sure you have a Trojan - something like this. As onager said earlier, the best thing to do is run a spyware/malware detector like SpyBot which hopefully will identify the trojan.

purplemunkey Wed 10-Sep-08 16:43:08

this definitely sounds like a trojan. My brother had the same thing recently.

He got it by jumping on someone else's wifi network by accident (it automatically connnected to the strongest signal).

He had to re-install the whole thing and make sure his system prefences only connected to his listed networks.

nannynick Wed 10-Sep-08 17:23:21

It could be a Browser Helper Object that has got installed somehow. As others have said already, I would suspect a rouge bit of software or webpage has installed something.

In IE7:
Tools, Manage Add-ons, Enable/Disable Add-ons
See if you can spot any likely candidates, and try to disable them.

Update SpyBot to the latest version/definitions, and run a system scan.

LIZS Wed 10-Sep-08 19:40:43

Thanks for those ideas. dh says when he switched on this morning it indicated IE had deleted a Trojan but perhaps we need to be more thorough with a virus detector. Have also disabled some Shopper Reports Browser Helpers so that may have an effect.

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