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Any Palm PDA experts out there? Need to know about Bluetooth and hotsyncing please...

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WilfSell Mon 08-Sep-08 19:28:26

Have my work PC as primary PC with cable/cradle link to the PDA.

Have now installed Palm OS on laptop too but hoping to use bluetooth or IR to do the syncing.

NEITHER is working, even though both bluetooth and IR are showing up on both devices as working.

Managed to set up bluetooth so the two devices recognise each other but the hotsync still fails...

Any advice? (Speak slowly in human, not geek please grin)

WilfSell Mon 08-Sep-08 20:48:46


MrVibrating Wed 10-Sep-08 19:17:59

You must be the only person left using a Palm since the advent of BlackBerry!

Is it possible to hotsync with two different PCs? Or do you mean that you want to stop using the work PC?

I used to have a fairly good Palm set-up, but I cannot remember much about it I am afraid. I do remember getting some help at a Palm forum - you could try there.

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