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New laptop advice ??

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macdoodle Wed 03-Sep-08 10:01:11

Have been struggling with my antique machine for yonks and now finally have the cash for a new one
Can spend £500 and maybe stretch to £700-800 if some money I am owed ever arrives !
So what do I need to look for its a long time since I bought a laptop (years)....I use it for internet browsing mostly (assume nowadays they all have wifi??) and would like it to be quickish (though anyhting will be better than current model)...use it for work/finances etc so ?word and excell (what am using now)...not too bothered by games or screen don't tend to play or watch movies (have wii and Tv for that ;))... I download quite a lot of photos which I cant do anymore on this it just tends to die if I try
We have a brand new Costco just opened and H was there other day and they apparantly have some amazing laptop deals (though he is IT illiterate so couldn't tell me what).....
Advice pleeeease....oh and before anyone suggests it am not mad on thought of a mac (not sure why though)???
Sorry to be clearer what I would appreciate is an idiots guide to basics what I should look for rather than a specific machine if that makes sense....

EvelynsDad Wed 03-Sep-08 11:21:58

At that price you should be able to get a Core2 Duo or Turion 2x64, at least 2GB RAM, at least 160B disk, Wifi, DVD writer, maybe a web cam and/or bluetooth support if you wanted.

Here's a nice Toshiba for about £500 and another around £400.

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