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The computer(Mac) is talking to us - how do I turn the voice off?

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Millarkie Tue 02-Sep-08 12:59:41

The kids have been playing on my mac mini and have managed to turn on some sort of Commentary voice which reads every key strike out loud and tells you if a new window opens etc..obviously meant for people with poor vision.
How do I turn it off? I've checked through 'system preferences' but I can't find it there.
Any ideas?

Botbot Tue 02-Sep-08 13:00:54

Think it's in 'speech' in System Preferences. Under 'system'.

Millarkie Tue 02-Sep-08 15:31:51

Thanks Botbot...For some reason 'Speech' was not accessible but there was an option called Universal Access which had the on/off control. Phew - t'was driving me crazy.

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