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LL can you help me please or any other techy people??

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BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 23:17:08

I want to know how to send emails with a Blue Link in, so that the recipient can click on the blue link and go straight to the webpage I have selected - bearing in mind I know nothing of terminology/technology

Can you talk me through ??


[winning smile]

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 31-Aug-08 23:23:09

If you type the address of the webpage, and then press enter, it will make it blue/underlined

And then anyone who clicks on it will be taken straight to that site.

<not a geek so hopes that this is good advice>

PeaMcLean Sun 31-Aug-08 23:25:01

do you mean like this?

highlighted in blue?

Twinklemegan Sun 31-Aug-08 23:27:09

Depending on what email program you're using, the link may not appear as a working "blue" link until after the email is sent. A bit of a pain - you just have to trust that it's worked.

MrVibrating Sun 31-Aug-08 23:27:27

What software are you using to send emails, or are you using a Webmail service like Hotmail where you go to a web page to send emails?

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 23:28:10

BIWI, have tried that but it stubbornly remains unhighlighted.

Yup,Pea, that's what I am after.

My family and friends send me stuff, y'know, funny things and I have got loads from here that I could send back, they all send emails with these blue links

Boo ho

I know nothing.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 23:29:12

I have Hotmail.

I have sent tests to DP, but not successful.


BecauseImWorthIt Sun 31-Aug-08 23:30:20

So I am clearly not a geek!

SaintGeorge Sun 31-Aug-08 23:32:09

Do you use IE or Firefox?

Hotmail has a few issues with Firefox, inserting links is one of them.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 23:32:33

BIWI, thank you anyway.

This shall remain a mystery to me !!

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 23:33:04

OOoh oooh St G - Firefox

SaintGeorge Sun 31-Aug-08 23:55:07

Gawd, not used hotmail for ages.

Just had a look, and it has all changed!

Are you using the classic or full version Boys?

If on classic, try switching to full.

You should be able to see a little icon that looks like a globe and chains, along the line with font,bold,italic etc.

Type your link URL (or copy and paste it in, whichever).

Now highlight it (click and hold left mouse button at beginning of text, move to end and release button).

Now click on the globe.

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 01-Sep-08 16:42:54

Oh cripes nearly too hard for me blush

Have changed to full but can't see a globe/chain icon.


Will persist.

St G thank you anyway.

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