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Why is my email not arriving? What are the possible reasons?

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roisin Tue 26-Aug-08 20:36:12

YES, I have definitely been sent some email! A couple of definite ones, but myriad unknown too usually.

I logon to Outlook Express in the normal way, but don't get any mail.

I've tried accessing it in the normal way via the website (tiscali), but that doesn't get any either.

Interesting their is some SPAM getting through to the SPAM folder on the internet email, but no real mail.

(I have checked contents of the SPAM folder.)

Any ideas?

EvelynsDad Wed 27-Aug-08 08:37:57

Possible reasons.

1 The email address was incorrect.
2 Tiscali decided it was SPAM and dropped it
3 Tiscali have blocked email from whatever ISP it was sent from
4 Network problems are preventing the sending ISP from connecting to Tiscali's mailserver
5 Problems at the sending ISP

Email is not a guaranteed service. Like the Post Office, it will deliver most items correctly and promptly. Like the Post Office, some items get delayed, delivered to the wrong place or simply lost en route.

roisin Wed 27-Aug-08 17:09:37

Thanks EvelynsDad
I don't think it's any of these.
As well as SPAM I tend to get at least 10-20 emails per day, and I've had none for about 5 days.

I've emailed Tiscali (from another account) and I'm working through their possible problems/solutions and re-configuring my email from scratch. Hope it works!

Thanks for the response anyway.

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