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Virgin TV boxy thing itsn't working. I'm getting TV withrdrawal symptoms. HELP MEEEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEE!

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AvenaLife Sun 24-Aug-08 22:19:35

The start buttons red, I've unplugged it, held it in for 5 seconds but it won't budge off red. There's a green light flashing inside. I've checked the connections. If I phone them up they won't send anyone out until Tuesday, I can't live that long without my TV.

Any ideas? Please??

nell12 Sun 24-Aug-08 22:33:36

Turn it off and unplug it now and leave it alone until tomorrow. If it is going to sort itself out, it will have done so by then.
Otherwise, resort to hitting it hard and swearing at it.grin

Sorry, cant help any more, but am sure you will survive till Tuesday... go out tomorrow!

AvenaLife Sun 24-Aug-08 22:38:53

It's been off since Friday. Tuesday is way too long. I had 2 hours when it was working yesterday. I've switched it off for hours and turned it back on again but nothing happens.

They were going to send someone out yesterday but that's when it started working again so I cancelled it.


nell12 Sun 24-Aug-08 22:40:55

Aarrgh, how frustrating for you angry

resort to the hitting and swearing option, then.

AvenaLife Sun 24-Aug-08 22:45:45


I've got a freeview box somewhere hmm

charliecat Sun 24-Aug-08 22:57:09

bbc i player, itv catch up 4 od will get you through

AvenaLife Sun 24-Aug-08 22:57:44

grin Thankyou. grin

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