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can someone quickly tell me how to connect a wireless printer to a Mac - it is driving me mad!

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harpomarx Wed 20-Aug-08 10:50:20

Have been given a Lexmark Z1420 wireless printer. No instruction book. Have installed cd but don't know how to get the computer to 'see' my printer. I have plugged it in (although the lead supplied seemed to be the wrong one hmm and get a green light on top of the printer but no wireless light at the front, iyswim.

I have had a look at Lexmark's website but can't make head or tail of their instructions - nothing on my Mac is the same as their instructions!

i'm usually not bad at working things out but am a bit outdated in my knowledge and just want a quick route into connecting the damm thing - it's been sitting on the floor now for about 6 months!

bramblebooks Wed 20-Aug-08 11:02:30


When I set up my wireless printer there was a point in the setup where I had to connect the printer to the computer so that it could configure the network. Dunno what lead you'd use for that, but good luck!

harpomarx Wed 20-Aug-08 11:10:26

thanks bramble, I do have a usb cable so I will try to connect that and see if it helps.

you are right about the arrrgh! factor though, my poor brain was in a puddle in the floor last night smile

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