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web cam and skype help needed please!

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triplets Mon 18-Aug-08 23:19:30

My very best friend is off to India by Cristmas for a year, I shall miss her dreadfully as we phone each other every day, often more than once! We won`t be able to afford to do that so I need help in what to do!

Sam100 Mon 18-Aug-08 23:33:06

buy a web cam from shop - plug in and load any software it comes with (usually very simple). Does not need to be an expensive one - we have logitech.

go to and download free software.

Set yourself up with a skype account (free) - remember your Skype name - tell your friend.

Tell friend to do the same and get her skype name.

It really is incredibly simple to use.

Only issue will be that your friend will probably need access to a broadband service to be able to web cam chat with you. It is very slow on dial up (old style internet). Is she going to have access to this or be going to internet cafes?

triplets Mon 18-Aug-08 23:43:55

She is going to hopefully buy a small laptop to take with her, but as they intend moving around and will be in some quite basic places I guess she`ll have to use internet cafes at times.

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