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MN is being ruined by my 2 year old DS - help please!!

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Dozymare Mon 18-Aug-08 19:47:10

Whilst MN-ing earlier, my DS2 banged the keyboard and somehow managed to turn the screen (as you look at it) from landscape to portrait so I therefore have to type with my head on my left shoulder!!

How do I resolve this or should I jsut buy a neck brace now?!


EvelynsDad Mon 18-Aug-08 20:10:26


RustyBear Mon 18-Aug-08 20:23:56

I think we need a permanent reminder for this one at the top of the geeky stuff topic!

Dozymare Mon 18-Aug-08 20:25:43

Bl**dy Hell - he's a future Bill Gates my 2 year old!!!

Thanks, will try it now (on DH's laptop!)

PortAndLemon Mon 18-Aug-08 20:25:44

Or, perhaps, at the side of the geeky stuff topic... grin

RustyBear Mon 18-Aug-08 20:35:06

lol Portandlemon - you're right - they'd have to write it vertically too... grin

Dozymare Mon 18-Aug-08 20:52:41

grin grin problem solved!!!!

Thanks so much, I LOVE LOVE MN!

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