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Sticking space bar

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fin54 Mon 18-Aug-08 15:07:53

Hi can anyone help me with a space bar problem, it keeps sticking when I'm typing so I have to back space between words that I have typed to get a space ( works if I hit it really hard) thanks

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 18-Aug-08 15:10:48

lever it off and see what's sticking it down! It's usually a bit of toast or a spilt drink.

fin54 Mon 18-Aug-08 17:39:26

Sorry I should have mentioned that I'm using a Amilo Laptop and its the space bar on that thats sticking ,

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Tue 19-Aug-08 09:03:06

That's a rather odd coincidence, I'm using an amilo laptop too. Did you try levering the spacebar off? I find the keys can get stuck easily. Unless I've misunderstood the problem?

CaptainFabioHiltsTheCoolerCat Tue 19-Aug-08 09:04:42

You have sprayed too much wine coffee over your keyboard whilst mning.
I believe it's a common problem.

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