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is there a decent mp3 player that you dont need to install software to use?

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petitmaman Wed 13-Aug-08 21:01:22

hi, I would like to get a decent mp3 player with lots of memory. just for music not films etc.
would like to put my cds on it and download new music.
but our computer is dh's work computer so cant install new software.
can do the basics but am not computer whizz so needs to ne reasonably straight forward or come with decent instrctions (not that i am fussy!)
any suggestions? thanks

EvelynsDad Wed 13-Aug-08 21:30:57

I would have thought any standard MP3 player would allow you to copy music on without extra software. You will need some software is conversion of music on CDs to MP3 format, but apparently you can do that with WMP .

toy23 Thu 14-Aug-08 00:24:47

EvelynsDad is right 99% of mp3 players come with software but 99% of the time you dont actualy need it as xp/vist has built in capabilitys and just reads them like usb pen drives.

mamadiva Thu 14-Aug-08 00:29:13

I just bought This

It is fab you don't need any extra software or even cables as the USB is built in, it's not fancy and it doesn't do videos or anything but it suits me. All I did was plug it in and go to library and put songs onto sync list and it transferred. Really easy and fast. I'd definately reccommend it.

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