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Downloading music on to DCs MP3 players. Where is the best place?

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MrsWeasley Wed 13-Aug-08 18:11:09

The DCs are asking me to update the music on their MP3 players. <panic smiley>

Up to now I put music on from the CDs we already have at home but I want to find a site where I can legally and easily download all the latest tunes without me having to buy the CD first.

I have a teenager and a near teen so it may be something I need to do regularly.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

MrsWeasley Wed 13-Aug-08 21:12:30

I know its boring but please help me to prevent nagging from my DCs grin

MrsWeasley Wed 13-Aug-08 21:49:53

ok my DC will have to keep listening to this then.


EvelynsDad Thu 14-Aug-08 10:41:28

MrsWeasley Thu 14-Aug-08 13:05:01

Thank you evelynsdad.

Flier Thu 14-Aug-08 13:13:59

I used to use, but had huge problems after downloading - they wouldn't play. They refunded money ok, but don't think I'll use them again.

MrsWeasley Thu 14-Aug-08 13:23:23

Thanks Flier

mamadiva Thu 14-Aug-08 13:31:57 gets you clubcard points so you don't feel like your wasting your money so much!

misspopov Thu 14-Aug-08 13:34:50

I've tried that link but it won't let me download as only available in the USA. We used to be able to convert files from wma to mp3 on our PC but can't do that on our laptops could anyone recommend a site where you can purchase mp3s to cheer up frustrated DD who has downloaded some tracks that won't play.

Flier Thu 14-Aug-08 16:11:28

maybe try

MrsWeasley Thu 14-Aug-08 18:55:39

Thanks again. DCs are making lists of songs they neeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddd! hmm

misspopov Thu 14-Aug-08 19:13:55

DD has a long list I'll try napster thanks.

MrsWeasley Thu 14-Aug-08 21:45:46

my DS aged 7 said "just download what you like mummy" He may regret that grin

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