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Laptop keeps shutting down

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Mhamai Sat 09-Aug-08 14:23:00

I bought a new charger about six weeks ago. However for the past few days it's like the battery charges, the laptop gets extremly hot, much hotter than usual and the laptop shuts down. It's obviously overheating but can anyone tell me why this is happening?


Mhamai Sat 09-Aug-08 15:18:10


TheLadyofShalott Sun 10-Aug-08 13:57:30

Is your laptop an Acer? Because I've had overheating problems on 2 ifferent models of Acer laptops at school, which may be related to the power source - they are currently being investigated during the holiday, so I won't have an answer till next term, I'm afraid.

Are you sure the charger is the right rating? - it should say something like Output 19V, 3.95A, which should be the same as on the label on the bottom of your laptop.

SqueakyPop Sun 10-Aug-08 14:45:41

Does it overheat if you run it on batteries only?

I have a laptop that is a real pain re overheating (Samsung). My solution is to charge it without using it and to use it on batteries only.

derelicte Sun 10-Aug-08 14:53:06

Has the fan got clogged up? That's what happened to mine. Might be a PITA to fix it yourself though (DH is my 'systems administrator' wink).

kid Sun 10-Aug-08 15:12:03

Have you had the laptop long? What is the make and model?

Perhaps the charger has a fault and is casuing the over heating.

I have a Toshiba and it has Windows Vista. It kept shutting down not because it over heated though. I had to download something from Microsoft because there was a fault with the Vista. I did a search on google for the laptop model and what the fault was. It came up with ways to resolve it and it did work.

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