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Internet telephone - without putting the pc on - Anyone got experience with this, can you recommend it?

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MmeLindt Fri 08-Aug-08 16:47:28

We are moving to Switzerland soon and the telephone calls to UK are quite expensive.

I have been looking into internet calls, where you use a normal telephone but over the internet so that you don't have to put the computer on every time you want to make a call.

Does anyone have this? Do you find you have problems with it?

MmeLindt Fri 08-Aug-08 18:18:58

Anygeek out there?

MmeLindt Fri 08-Aug-08 20:05:34

Where are all the geeks tonight? Noone about who knows about this?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sat 23-Aug-08 16:42:02

the easiest and best way to do this is to purchase and FXS/FXO converter box. This lets you plug a normal telephone into a box that is connected to your ADSL (and your phone line for backup if your internet connection goes down).

These boxes cost <£100.

An example would be the Linksys adapter; here's a link
(shop around tho)

You also need a voip company to actually route your telephone calls. We us and they're very good. Hardly ever down and pretty cheap.

Sorry this has taken so long.

MmeLindt Sat 23-Aug-08 17:32:02

Thanks for the info. I could not find vopitalk but found a couple of Swiss companies that offer internet telephones. I will check it out when I go down there this week.

tribpot Sat 23-Aug-08 17:33:18

MmeLindt - I've got a number of friends in Switzerland all of whom are ex-pats and thus likely to need to make international calls too. I can ask them for their best buys?

MmeLindt Sat 23-Aug-08 17:37:31

Oh, Tripot, that would be fab.

We are moving to Geneva in a month and will be calling Germany and UK a lot.

Perhaps you could ask them about recommendations for internet and mobile providers too, if that is not too much to much to ask? The BT equivalent does not seem to have a unlimited broadband, it costs over SFR 2 an hour to surf the net.

DH said, "Good, you can't afford to MN then"

tribpot Sat 23-Aug-08 17:42:08

Will do although I warn you, they all work for one of the big telcos so are likely to say "that's the best one, honest!" grin

Will let you know - if you want to email me, it's tribunicia underscore postestas at hotmail dot com.

MmeLindt Sat 23-Aug-08 17:48:03

Cheers. I will email you.

MmeLindt Sat 23-Aug-08 18:37:31

Help, Tripot. Email keeps coming back!

An underscore is one of these _ isn't it?

<<obviously unsuited for this technology lark>>

MmeLindt Sat 23-Aug-08 18:52:25

Or failing that, could you email me

kindersurprise at t-online dot de


TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sat 23-Aug-08 19:10:07

damn spooling.

it should be

tribpot Sat 23-Aug-08 19:57:09

Will do - I see I've managed to spell my own ludicrously complicated email address wrong, so that's what the problem is DOH.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sun 24-Aug-08 13:01:47

If you're having trouble with getting decent internet connectivity you could consider become a fonero. is a community wireless project. I see there are lots of nodes in switzerland.

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