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help me with my photos PLEASE I'm desparate

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jammi Thu 07-Aug-08 17:35:04

Message withdrawn

TheLadyofShalott Thu 07-Aug-08 20:51:42

Are you using Windows Picture Gallery?
I found this in the help file - is it any help
"When I import pictures and videos from my camera, how do I change where they are saved and what they are named?
By default, all pictures and videos are saved to the Pictures folder in a folder named for the current date and the tag you assign to the pictures when they’re imported. Each picture is given a name that includes the tag. To change the way your pictures and videos are saved to your computer, do the following:

Click to open Windows Photo Gallery.

Click the File menu, and then click Options.

Click the Import tab, and then do one of the following:

Click Browse to change the folder that pictures and videos are copied to.

Click the Folder Name list to name the folder using other elements, such as the range of dates in which the pictures were taken. You can add several items together to create a more descriptive folder name.

Click the File Name list to change the information that is used to create the picture's file name.

When you are finished making changes, click OK."

jammi Thu 07-Aug-08 23:39:29

Message withdrawn

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