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how to connect to talktalk broadband using ubuntu

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Dotsie Tue 05-Aug-08 20:45:51

can anyone help? please? We've recently transferred from bt to talktalk broadband and have been trying to connect the pc to the internet using talktalk with zero success. getting desperate now!
our 30 day trial with tt is up in a couple of days. does anyone have any clues? t-t tech support no help cos they're "not trained in ubuntu"
many many thanks in advance!

MrVibrating Tue 05-Aug-08 21:40:05

Do you really have a linux PC? That's really geeky wink. You are not trying to connect your PC direct to the broadband are you? That might be possible, but is a very bad idea. You should use a router, and then everything should just work. Search on the TalkTalk support site for some instructions for a Mac (beacuse Macs can't use the 'idiot proof' software they supply for M$ users either).

Good luck.

EvelynsDad Tue 05-Aug-08 21:44:21

Obviously a windows installation CD won't run but if you have an Ethernet connection it should be possible to set the modem up using a web browser.

If the connection is via USB it might be a little harder, but it shouldn't be too complicated. I haven't set up a USB modem, so I'm not sure how different it would be.

If you can set it up via a web browser then tech support shouldn't care whether you're using Ubuntu or Windows. The process will be the same. If you have an ethernet connection and instructions for setting up via a web browser on windows, just follow those instructions.

The best place to ask for further help is the Ubuntu forums. Post what type of modem you have and whether it has USB or ethernet connections with your question.

thisisyesterday Tue 05-Aug-08 22:01:51

are you using a USB connection or network/wireless connection?

My dp is an ubuntu user and an ex-broadband technician techy type. He says you'd need to give more of a clue of what's going on with it though, for him to advise you.

Dotsie Wed 06-Aug-08 09:11:29

oh wow! replies!
not v geeky myself, but dh is! wink
will try to explain tho... (bear with me if i don't make much sense...)
we have a laptop, runs windows, connects to www ok using router - huawei echolife HG520s
pc uses ubuntu - kept crashing with windows, so dh installed ubuntu, now v stable, but since transferring to talktalk has not been able to get on line at all (was fine when we were with BT).
we have tried a wired (ethernet) connection via both a standard modem (MT882) supplied by talktalk, and the echolife router; also a wireless connection with no success ( and - oh joy, laptop won't connect wirelessly either now... )
dh is getting soooo frustrated with it, and is wasting spending every evening getting crosser and crosser!
does that help at all? as i said, not really geeky enough to give specific examples but will try to answer questions!!
we've tried the mac instructions, but fall at the first hurdle (typing in the url as nothing happens!
will try ubuntu forum later as have to go out now
many many thanks for your replies - if any one can get dh online again i will be sooo grateful!!!!

(am out all day, but will check in again this evening)

MrVibrating Wed 06-Aug-08 10:41:20

OK, if you have a working wired ethernet connection to a windows laptop, you should be able to connect that way using your ubuntu pc. IF you have used the ubuntu PC to connect to BT then it looks promising too so I wonder what is wrong.

There is some software built in to the router (* see below) called DHCP. Computers that attach to the router should use the router's DHCP server to work out what settings to use. You need to check that the ubuntu machine is using DHCP. You can do this from the ubuntu System menu -> Administration -> Network Settings.

If you had to change that, turn the PC off and wait 2 minutes before turning on again.

You can see if you have a successful connection by entering as the address in Firefox/Safari/whatever browser you are using. This should connect to the admin. interface of the router

If you are still not working, do you know how to get a terminal window in ubuntu (sometimes called a command line)? It might be Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal.

Enter the following line:

sudo ifconfig -a

and post the results here. If it asks for a password, enter your ubuntu user password.

Having said all that you could try the ubuntu forums for some expert help.

Good luck again!

* I am going to call the thing you plug in to the broadband socket a router. Other people might call it a modem. I am talking about the MT882 or the echolife box - try it with both if you like.

Dotsie Fri 08-Aug-08 09:09:02

thanks so much or your help MrVibrating. I haven't tried your suggestions as yet, as i'm busy packing to go on holiday, but we'll have a go as soon as we get back and let you know how we get on.
thanks again

Dotsie Sun 17-Aug-08 18:31:22

hi again. many thanks for your suggestions. we tried them, but unfortunately didn't get very far, until dh had a brainwave!
he went into the bios settings, and inserted the mac address, re-booted the pc, and bingo! it worked!
After a month of frustration, and the damn pc nearly being flung out of the window on numerous occasions, to say we are both relieved would be a massive understatement!
now all i need to do is to get the laptop to work wirelessly...should be a piece of cake...hmm!

MrVibrating Tue 19-Aug-08 17:56:07

Glad you got it sorted - good luck with wireless!

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