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PC monitor died

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Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 05-Aug-08 17:00:35

anyone know of cheapest place to get one asap like tonight! mine has died and i cant cope with this laptop. Would it be cheaper to buy the hwole kit and caboodle as my pc is 12 yrs old anyway though still serving us well..... I run a website of it but other than that its ebay and mumsnet and stuff so i dont need the world. Please help smile

bubblagirl Tue 05-Aug-08 17:11:24

when we were looking into replacing monitor it would of worked out cheaper to buy new everything

luckily my aunt had big monitor in her office she didnt need so we have that

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 05-Aug-08 17:24:33

hmmm and how much does a new computer cost these days though? i am clueless

Pan Tue 05-Aug-08 17:38:39

nappy - you may find there are one or two sites on the internet which may well be able to provide an naswer about how much a new computer will cost you. You could google "computers". grin

bubblagirl Tue 05-Aug-08 17:50:00

if your system is old it may need updating anyway so would probably work out cheaper to replace now

you can get great deals in pc world on computers now days

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 05-Aug-08 18:04:50

Pan thats very amusing but what is the internet grin they mention gigabites and stuff and wtf is a tft monitor? i had a big funy square box! My main worry is transfering all the info over - major headache!

EvelynsDad Tue 05-Aug-08 20:32:49

A new computer with a monitor is likely to et you back £300+.

If you look on Amazon you can get a brand new CRT monitor for £70 or TFT for £110 plus delivery. I think Express delivery is another £9.

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 05-Aug-08 20:46:21

Hmmm im going to have to seriously look int this..... bro in law has just kindly dusted of an old monitor he had in his loft but yes i think generally the time has come...

redclover79 Tue 05-Aug-08 21:23:32

Nappyzone my pc is also ancient and I'm also looking for a new pc! Have found these if that's any help?

MrVibrating Tue 05-Aug-08 21:44:41

If you still need a replacement tonight, there is always 24 hour Tesco.

domesticslattern Tue 05-Aug-08 21:46:25

If you're only after a monitor, post a "wanted" ad on your local freecycle. There are three going on my local site for free- we can't get rid of them! (Sorry, I am in London so it's no good for you, otherwise you could have my free monitor!)

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 05-Aug-08 21:49:14

I am now looking at a very very bright very square and chunky ancient compaq monitor donated by my bil! But yes i did see those on currys but they are missing essential monitor. I have been looking on the dell website as bil got his last from there and said he will advise us.... It will never happen - i will be looking at my ermm retro screen this time next year until the very chunky hardrive thingy its sat on capoots too! Going to mae an effort to back upp my junk though!

I would like to hand over a small amount of cash then come in from work and see everything all transfered onto it and ready for me to play as normal.

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