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Do you know anything about memory cards for digital cameras? I have a quick Q

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MamaG Fri 01-Aug-08 14:29:37

I have 2 memory cards for my camera

One I got with it, holds about 12 picutres hmm

One I bought, holds lots more (can't remember how many)

I can only find one card and it says 128 mb on it

1. Is that the one that will hold more?

2. If thats probably the shite small one, do you know where my other card is?

Thank you

TheUnsinkableMB Fri 01-Aug-08 14:32:40

It would depend on how many 'mega pixels' the camera is, but 128mb is not very big tbh, so I'm guessing thats the one that won't hold many pics.
Most cards are about 1gb now.

Sorry, but I've no idea where your other card is

StealthPolarBear Fri 01-Aug-08 14:33:32

128 does sound quite small, 12 pictures still doesn't sound many
other one - in laptop? that's where mine usually is!

bubblerock Fri 01-Aug-08 14:34:31

16mb usually come with cameras iirc so I'd say that the 128mb is the one you bought. HTH

MamaG Fri 01-Aug-08 14:34:50

I exaggerated a bit saying 12 pics grin

Oh BUGGER. I don't have a laptop so its def not there and I've looked in the usual places


hercules1 Fri 01-Aug-08 14:35:28

IT's the 128 one that holds more. It suits our needs fine.

bubblerock Fri 01-Aug-08 14:36:24

128mb cards hold roughly 86 pictures at 6 megapixels & 162 pictures at 3 megapixels

MamaG Fri 01-Aug-08 14:37:41

Its a 5 megapixel (I've hd it an age, I must replace it really grin) so if that holds about 100 pics then that will be the one I want



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