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Help, my computer has a virus. Norton is not doing anything!!!

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busymummy77 Wed 30-Jul-08 19:10:47

Am not very good on computers so help would be appreciated please.

Have managed to get a virus (trojan) and ads keep popping up when i am online which is really annoying.

I paid for Norton to scan and it keeps coming up with the problem but says i have to manually fix it.

Any advice on how i can remove this malicious software that is doing this and making my PC run slow as well.

lynnec Wed 30-Jul-08 20:16:07

Is it any particular pop up or are they all different?

Norton is one of the worst Anit-virus you can use, along with McAfee, the best is Nod32, google it, you can get a free trial, which would remove all the crap from your pc, i have worked with pcs for many years now, i have used nod32 on all my pcs and have never had any problems with pop ups, trojans etc.

busymummy77 Thu 31-Jul-08 09:22:31

Thanks, i will give it a go. I am just uninstalling Norton first as it says to do this. I am getting all sorts of pop ups but mainly the same ones. Some are rude, ebay sometimes pops up, o2. There are quite a few and it is annoying. I wnt be using norton again and i paid £60 for it. I am trying to get a refund as you can before 60 days but guess what i am not getting any replys to my emails.

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