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The bar with shutdown etc is at the side of the screen

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pedilia Fri 25-Jul-08 21:36:28

how the hell do I get it back at the bottom?

PinkPurple Fri 25-Jul-08 21:42:00

right-click on the bar
untick 2lock the taskbar"
left click, and hold the taskbar. then drag back to bottom.
tick "lock the taskbar" again

hope that helps

PinkPurple Fri 25-Jul-08 21:42:34

2nd line should be: untick "lock the taskbar"

pedilia Fri 25-Jul-08 21:43:17

You a star- thanksgrin

PinkPurple Fri 25-Jul-08 21:49:02

no problem grin
I'm always moving mine...I'm going though a phase of liking it at the top of the screen

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