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High-Definition video player

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turtle23 Sun 20-Jul-08 20:55:51

Bought lovely high-def camcorder and found it stores vids on computer in M2TS format. NOTHING plays this, and due to some glitch the software that came with it which can convert it to MPEG2 doesn't see files except currently on camera as the folders are too big? Have tried making them smaller...just a nightmare. Is there a player that just plays this or a converter that will defo work? Please help, I have never seen the video of day one of my son's life !!!!!

nannynick Sun 20-Jul-08 21:38:06

Try VLC Media Player it can often open files that others cannot. Never know, could work.

M2TS - How to edit may be of help. The guide seems to use AVIsynth

Could try seeing if the [[ FDDShow codec] helps, or not. Use it with FLVPlayer4Free to playback.

turtle23 Sun 20-Jul-08 21:45:31

thanks nick. have tried VLC, seems to be the only thing EVER it doesn't play! Will try the others..

nannynick Sun 20-Jul-08 22:07:20

Could try the latest VLC nightly build (this is for Windows 32 Bit)

VideoLan forum seems to report that some m2ts files will play, and other's won't.

Contact SONY support to get a new version of the software that came with your camcorder, so you can then use their software to covert to other formats. Check Sony Europe Support to see if there are any software updates.

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