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Any MS Word gurus around?

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KerryMum Sat 19-Jul-08 20:25:00

I'm desperately trying to do a "Chef Card" for ds1 when we travel to Austria in a couple of weeks. I am making it into a small brochure in 3 columns (both sides) which I will then have laminated.

I put a border round the entire thing and for some reason the border on right hand side is not printing out. I have checked margins, etc. and am stumped. Any ideas?

RustyBear Sat 19-Jul-08 20:27:37

Try checking the paper size of both your document & in your printer settings - default setting for MS Word is Letter (US) not A4, which is the normal European size.

WilfSell Sat 19-Jul-08 20:28:56

Can you see the border on the print preview?

KerryMum Sat 19-Jul-08 20:33:45

No. couldn't see it in print preview.

It was A4 landscape but think I have sussed it thanks to rusty's hint. I changed width of page and now seems to work. When I changed margins it merely moved the columns and not the border.

MrsWeasley Sat 19-Jul-08 20:35:54

I have had this its a pin. To solve it I increased the size of the page border (in the page border section) and then it printed ok

MrsWeasley Sat 19-Jul-08 20:39:13

That should have read pain not pin blush

when I say size it is actually called the "width" I also sometimes have to reduced the length of the paper very slighty.

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