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can anyone help with simpsons wii game?

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milknosugar Fri 18-Jul-08 16:18:46

i know there are gaming forums out there but they are a bit advanced for me. just need to know what to do in the levels really.... have got to the bartcave and the house, but dont know how to get past it or what we are looking for. any tips gratefully received!

zebramama Mon 21-Jul-08 11:48:46

Try looking on here:
It is blocked from my work (as it is Gaming Related), but I picked up some good Wii Sports tips on there!

milknosugar Mon 21-Jul-08 21:47:01


zebramama Mon 21-Jul-08 22:27:33

What I need to know is how long I have to keep playing our new Wii before my wrist will stop aching after two round of Wii Sports bowling? blush

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