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URGENT - how do I read an encoded "docx" document?

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hatwoman Thu 17-Jul-08 09:34:18

my colleague has emailed me something that I have to read in the next hour ahead of a meeting. I have no way of contacting her....we have no help desk (we're self-employed consultants), no shared computer (we work from home) and all I can make this doc look like is a load of gobbledigook. can anyone help (hat looks very pleadingly aware that she's probably asking the impossible...)? pretty please?

berolina Thu 17-Jul-08 09:37:31

can you save it as a Word 97-2003 document in 'Save As'?

zebramama Thu 17-Jul-08 10:21:46

Seems to do the trick.

hatwoman Thu 17-Jul-08 15:50:03

thank you for replying. In actual fact I emailed it to someone else who was able to sort it out for me.

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