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freecycle nightmare

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bosch Wed 16-Jul-08 23:14:53

Some time ago, dh signed up to freecycle on our hotmail account. Cue deluge of emails offering us complete load of tat for free. Helpfully, dh has forgotten all the details he used to sign up for freecycle via yahoo, so I can't leave the freecycle group on yahoo. I have tried unsubcribing but I think the group may be sending me emails that are lost amongst the deluge. Either that or they are ignoring me.

Can anyone think of a way for me to get out of freecycle in these circumstances?

In the meantime, dh has set up hotmail account so we only get emails from addresses we recognise. Does mean that I've missed a few emails from friends at ds's school whose addresses I'd not got round to 'recognising'.

Dh suggests that it wouldn't take him long to set up a new hotmail account and email everyone we know with new email address, as a way to leave freecycle. However, he suggested this some considerable time ago, but with no action yet!

Any help/advice gratefully received

Bowddee Wed 16-Jul-08 23:17:48

You just need to amend your registration. Uncheck the box that relates to getting all the posts as emails.

Sidge Wed 16-Jul-08 23:21:58

Go to your yahoo account, edit details and tick the box marked special notices only rather than daily digest or individual emails.

bosch Wed 16-Jul-08 23:30:54

Ah, I can't amend yahoo registration.

Yahoo asks me to sign in but dh has forgotten details/passwords etc

(i have just spent an hour putting in every combination of email address, our birthdays etc to try to get yahoo to help me sign in).

Amphibimum Thu 17-Jul-08 00:17:16

open a gmail account
is free, easy and much better than hotmail. more storage space, less spam.
so open new account and mail friends new address. lemon squeezy.

zebramama Thu 17-Jul-08 10:35:53

Email Yahoo about resetting your account.
Just give them the relevent email address and they should do the rest.
You will need to be able to access / read emails sent to that address.

Catilla Thu 17-Jul-08 10:50:55

I just had a look in my Freecycle account for options for contacting them... which area was it for?

You can email:

Also they have suggestions for managing the deluge:
HOTMAIL - create a new folder and use Options | Mail | Custom Filters to place all freecycle messages there

And a couple more quotes from their instructions:
If you do not have a Yahoo account, you can still request to receive DAILY DIGEST only - send an email to with your request.

To unsubscribe, send an email to

bosch Thu 17-Jul-08 22:45:20

Amphibimum - I'm seriously rubbish at IT stuff - it's why I'm dependent on dh getting his finger out and opening a new hotmail - or gmail - account. We never get spam with our hotmail account - actually, I get more at work and I'm in local govt!

Zebramama - will try emailing Yahoo, thanks for tip.

Catilla - I can't find Options, any hints where it is (I've looked in 'home' and 'inbox'). I've tried emailing my local group's unsubscribe address (I've pleaded with them!) but to no effect! I think there's an automatic response that's going to junk (along with a hundred other emails from freecycle that I don't want to read) that they need me to reply to. Or they're ignoring me!

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