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OMG laptop broken again - it now has a white screen help

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citylover Tue 15-Jul-08 18:59:47

Title says it all really - what a bad buy - Phillips Freevents laptop, not cheap, went back three times during the guarantee period for various things.

Had a new hard drive recently (cost #120) - now the screen has gone white. I did lower the lid whilst it was on - could that have caused it ?

Think it's still under warranty for repair but is anything I can try now.


citylover Tue 15-Jul-08 20:48:35


zebramama Wed 16-Jul-08 14:18:51

Found this online here:

Howto: Fix compiz display white screen when locked issue in Ubuntu Hardy
Labels: Bugs, Compiz Fusion, Howto, Knowledge Posted by defcon on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 7:36 PM

Are you effected by this bug?
Lets find out first:
1. Login to user 1
2. Use the fast user switcher applet to login to user 2
3. Logout from user 2 session

Result : You get a white screen. You have to type your password and the white screen will disappears.

Try this:
1. Login.
2. Open a terminal and do "sleep 15 && zenity --question"
3. Hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a console.
4. Count to fifteen, slowly.
5. Hit Ctrl-Alt-F7 to get back to you gui session.
Expected result: zenity should have put up a question dialog-box.
Actual result: zenity's dialog-box is white.

If you get the following bug a fix has been released by Mario

Go to System --> Administration --> Software Sources and select the Third-Party Software tab. Click on Add and enter the following line:
deb hardy main

Then click on Add again and enter the following line:
deb-src hardy main

Click on Close, then on Reload. Shortly your software updater will indicate that there are updates available for compiz. Install them, restart your machine, and voila!

For more information on this fix and to follow the bug fix process please see bug 160264

citylover Wed 16-Jul-08 16:44:52

Thanks it seems to have remedied itself for now but the screen has been fading sometimes.

It is still a crap laptop.

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