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HELP! My laptop's security settings are saying it's been hacked and has a trogan virus that's sending info off my laptop and passwords. HELP!

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avenanap Sun 13-Jul-08 11:11:51

Is there a free site that can check/remove?

avenanap Sun 13-Jul-08 13:13:57

jst signed up to a 90 day trial, scanned the laptop and the only virus/unwanted thing on it was the programme telling me I had a virus/ pc had been hacked. angry It appears they wanted me to use their programme so I'd have to pay! angry angry

RustyBear Sun 13-Jul-08 15:29:38

Did you (or someone else) click on a pop up that offered to check your PC? - that's a common scam.
Try AVG or Avira anti virus plus AdAware or Spybot(all free) - you can download them from here

QS Sun 13-Jul-08 15:34:15

Yup, you have been scammed. I wouldnt pay anything. As you have now let a scammer scan your pc (and possibly sent information to them, or installed a keystroke logger etc) I would straight away download a different program (can recommend Omniquad Total Security and also MacAfee). After you have scanned your computer again, you may want to change your log in details on ebay, paypal, and whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO ANY SITES where you have to log in, such as internet banking, paypal, ebay, etc as your security may be compromised.

I had that popup message once, and shortly after my ebay account was hacked and used in a mobile phone fraud. I did not even install anything....

QS Sun 13-Jul-08 15:34:52

oh yes, dont use your credit card/debit card online until this has been sorted....

avenanap Sun 13-Jul-08 15:59:39

I went to the security section on the windows defender and signed up to Windows Live One care, it was free for 90 days. I've done a scan through them and it turned up clean except for showing the unwanted programme that automatically installed itself as part of the viao updates. I didn't sign up for the programme. I think this is OK. ds was really worried when it popped up though. I'm really angry at them. angry

avenanap Sun 13-Jul-08 16:06:56

It was Windows32/antivirus update that told me fibs! So much for being reputable.

RustyBear Sun 13-Jul-08 16:43:46

Was part of the Vaio update something to do with an anti-virus program - because if you have 2 AV programs on a computer they will often report each other as being a virus - because, in some ways, they work like a virus, accessing the types of files a virus/trojan does.

Actually we frequently have the computers in the suite at school restart with an error message referring to a particular trojan related to WinSuite, and advising us to run Windows Live One - when I do, there's never anything there - I'd guess yours is something like this.

avenanap Sun 13-Jul-08 16:49:05

Yes. I took Norton off after the trial and ever since I've had frequent messages about the security (despite having something else in place). It wanted to update yesterday, when ds put the laptop on this morning it came up with the hacking/trojan warning, he gave it to me, I looked at it then it had 48 shock hacking/virus/bugs etc alerts. I did panic, so I found a free virus trial for 90 days wink so I didn't have to pay but the scan only showed up the message I had this morning as being unwanted. No viruses, no hacking, no bugs. I'm so annoyed. If I'd have paid for the scan I'd have been really pissed off!

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